Why owen is wonderful. 

Well, when reflecting on all of the wonderful things that Owen does and is, the first that comes to mind is that he can buckle his own seat belt.  Every time he does it- everytime- I feel the warm hearth glow of my happiness well up inside of my body and splash out onto my face.

Owen is wonderful because he is so willing and eager to help.  To throw some trash out or grab a diaper, or to put his dishes away.

Owen doesn’t walk.  Owen floats or hops or toe taps or spins.

Owen was born with the glorious self assurance that we all long for. When he picks out his outfit he loves it.  When he sings a song he does it with gusto!  When he imitates a dub stepping teenager on YouTube he might as well yell- Nailed it!! 

Owen also loves his best friend, his stuffed lion Mufasa.  Everyday Owen faithfully packs lion in his backpack to bring to school.  

Owen is sweet and weird and lanky and cuddly and his favorite song is the alphabet song.  

For all those reasons and more- Owen is wonderful.  


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