hip hip. 

me. pretending to be hip.

Well, I just got sucked into a black hole of hipness.  One Instagram picture led to another and suddenly I wondered why I wasn’t the kind of person who could get 216 likes on a picture of a potted succulent.
Why am I not hip? How do some people become hip and others don’t?  I will list here some reasons that I don’t think I’m hip:

-Hip people are generally sincere about their likes and dislikes.  That sincerity translates into confidence.  And so it is with confidence that they purchase and wear a fedora.

-I am lazy and finding hip restaurants takes research and effort and time I’d rather be using to watch “Lakefront Bargain Hunt.”

-I could pick up a book.  Hip people have used book store memberships.  And read poetry.  They’re not into reformed theology or HGTV magazine.

-Trendsetting is not my thing.  Let something get good and established before I go after it.  Oh hello UGG boots that I just got!

– I’ve never thought: “I should buy those overalls.”

-I’ve also never thought “What’s a good hashtag for my juice cleanse.”

If I tried to Instagram a picture of tiny hearts, people would view it as a cry for help.  I need to accept my glaring banality and celebrate it!

I’m a card carrying member of the struggle bus.  But maybe I should get a succulent, just to see how the other half is living.  Will I think outside the box the closer I get to my succulent?  Will I start thinking in Toad and the Wet Sprocket lyrics??  What if I not only get one succulent, but build an entire pallet wall of succulents??  Think of how hip that would be.

I think I could have been hip, I was just plopped down in the wrong era.  I mean, liking manatees in middle school would probably be so ironic it would be cool now.  But alas, I was not.  So I will stay the non cold press coffee drinker that I am and remain forever faithful to my Keurig.


Kaley Out.


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