friends are friends forever.

Guys- God’s packing up the dreams he’s planted.  In the fertile soil of me.  I can’t believe the orders the Navy has granted, mean this chapter in my life is through.  I hope you keep me close, as always.  And that it won’t even seem I’ve gone.  Cuz our hearts, in big and small ways, will keep the love that keeps us strong.

Do you not know of what I speak?  Do the immortal words of Michael W. Smith not awaken deep parts of your soul that you weren’t sure existed?  Do they not take you back to the 90’s, driving to camp in your youth director’s van?

Guys.  I’m moving.  And.  Well.  I just can’t.  I’ve stumbled upon a cache of people- these are people who are kindred spirits.  They are of the race that knows Joseph.  They are my people and I love them.  They laugh at my jokes, but they love me when I’m not funny.  They let me talk about my stray mustache hairs and they let me cry when my cat dies.  They say “I was evil today” and I say “So was I” and then we pray together.  They are all beautiful and real and I can’t.

When I came to Norfolk I was sad and bitter.  Jesus changed me.  He gave me community.  He surrounded me with people who offered grace and the gospel daily.  The Lord is sovereign and He will meet me in California, but OH he knows how I just don’t want to leave what He is doing in Norfolk.

My sweet mermaid friends I will miss.  Oh.  Mermaids are a thing in Norfolk.  See?


These merladies have been the feet of Jesus.  How?  I guess it’s just that He shines out of their every orifice.  That his work is streaming out of their lives, in the mundane, and the ordinary, He’s showing up and blasting through.  A big chunk of my heart is going to stay here in Norfolk.  Hey.  It’s the biggest Navy town around- so maybe I’ll see you again in 3-5 years!  I mean, maybe I’ll even be skinnier.  #silverlining



4 thoughts on “friends are friends forever.

  1. Totally sang that song with my best friend at the spring banquet in 1998. Norfolk has a big chunk of my heart too. Looking forward to welcoming you to Monterey and hopefully La Mesa!

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