how we come home from the park. 

Sometimes, I take my children to the park.  My children, as with most, would never leave the park.  If they were the ones who decided when we would leave…  well then we’d probably leave when it got dark because they are afraid of shadows.  Man, honesty isn’t always as funny as I’d like it to be.

As such, on most return trips Owen is not into making the walk home.  He’s “indoorsy” and without the shiny prospect of a twisty slide pushing him onward- has little motivation to walk on the actual ground.  Owen rides on the front of our double stroller.  Sure I could wear Henry- but I’m not a human pack mule and sometimes I just don’t want to.  And triple strollers are ridiculous.  So there!!


For your enjoyment I’ve prepared a short picture story:

Maisy: throwing major shade

Henry: squished but indifferent

Owen: *eats cookies*

Maisy: increasingly upset demands aren’t being met in a timely fashion

Henry: fed up with Maisy’s attitude

Owen: *eats cookies*

Maisy: retaliates against Henry

Henry: remains good natured despite assault on hat

Owen: *eats cookies*

And there we have it.  I’ve come home from the park, calves a little more toned from pushing a baby laden stroller.


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