how to curb your baby fever.

How to curb your baby fever. A list for crazed mothers. 
-look at pictures of yourself 48 weeks pregnant (not a typo) 

-pregnant sex 😑

-lay on your stomach- do you like doing that?  

-stand comfortably 

– do more than one task a day 

-pick something up from the ground 

-go 30 minutes without peeing 

-drink wine 

-sleep through the night 

-throw up in your mouth just for sport

-wonder aloud of 3 children completely destroyed your urethra or if #4 would cause more damage

-if your boobs look like silly putty now, would another baby push them into Old Testament wine skin zone? 

-talk to your 2 year old.  Imagine doing this while throwing up

-throw up

-break into a light jog

-roll over

-hula hoop

-Look at this picture, take a deep breath, go through list again. 

He’s sO SQUISHY!!!!! 


3 thoughts on “how to curb your baby fever.

  1. Do you mean to tell me you’re feeling baby fever? Not me. Not yet. Not even a touch. 13 months and counting. I do think you looked amazing at 48 weeks pregnant though.

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