Old ideas new. 

Deep in the list app on my phone lies an untapped resource- old forgotten blog ideas.  Blog ideas that were dumb, or vague, or too hard to write about.  It may be that they are melodramas, jotted down at a time when I felt raw and vulnerable.  Then looking back I realize they are diary entries- not blog posts.

Incidentally, I think a great many social media problems would be solved if certain fellow facebookers opted out of the space bar and into the loving arms of a diary.   {insert link to trendy moleskin notebook}.

I stumbled upon this gem tonight:

This is from 2 years ago.  Currently- with one more person in our family, one more job, and one less cat (#neverforget) I think a lot less about throw pillows than I once did.  That being said,  I used to think about them so often that I most likely think the amount I spent ruminating on pillow size and color now is normal- but indeed it is not.  It’s still too much time thought about throw pillows.


I’ve currently downsized to four throw pillows on the couch.  This seems like too few by about a dozen, but I had to make concessions based on the depth of my couch and the bewilderment of my friends.

Honestly, in this decade of life- new to it as I am- the opinions of my friends regarding how many is too many pillows is trifling at most.  BUT I do hate it when they are sat on or put on the floor.  So, with 6-7 pillows on the couch, friends were left with no other option.  I spread the pillows around the house and now have pillows on some benches and other chairs.  Perfect!

See, I’m boring you right?  You care not about the details and comings and goings of a few homemade throw pillows.  But I do.  So much.  For example, I recommend going big, not small with your pillows.  Get a 20×20 pillow over an 18″ any day.  Even bigger if you can manage it.  Down over cotton too.  Less shrinkage that way.  Always mix prints, colors and textures.  You just need one common thread.  I like to make my own pillows, so I usually buy one or two that are special or embroidered to throw the scent off of my Holly Hobbies.  I never scroll past a picture of throw pillows on Pinterest.

Now I’m wondering if I should have a smattering more.  More pillows right?  A pillow without a mate is a sad thing.  What if they are lonely when no one is home to lay their head down?  What if they don’t get boxed up together when the Navy moves us and they have to spend weeks alone?

Okay.  I’m done for real.  And for those of you who are wondering- where is Kaley?  What is this shiz?  Why is she cranking out this asinine post about pillows when she could probably use her brain to make up something funny?  Don’t worry.  This summer.  I’ll have time to think…. I think.  And then will pick up blogging again.  Promise!


2 thoughts on “Old ideas new. 

  1. My wife is the same way. You will have to explain to my why so many, because if you fill the couch with them, where do you sit? And if you say, just remove the pillows, then the floor is littered with them and then they get dirty. Just curious. 🙂

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