Henry is One.

Henry, you are one now.


What can I say about my sweet surprise baby?  A baby I didn’t know I needed, but has heaped blessing on each of us, every one.



Henry arrived as a giant.  9 pounds.  22 inches.  With robust cheeks and the strength of 10 babies.  He spent some time in the hospital after his birth and so we managed to bond for 7 days before going to join the goon squad.

The goon squad took to you very kindly and never even tried to kill you.  Sure, Maisy Jo has tried to feed you some rocks and push pins, but I caught her eating a bar of Old Spice soap in the bathtub, so she probably meant it to be nice.  Owen tried to lay on top of you in your crib too, so maybe they did try, but only a couple of times.  Now you are stronger than the two of them, Lord help us all.

IMG_8222Henry- from the moment you came out you locked eyes with me and smiled.  My heart rejoiced, for here was the extrovert I craved.  Smiles, laughs, and occasional lusty cries were par for the course.  You have a low voice and barely cry.  You prefer to moan your disappointments.  Or scream them.  But crying is never your first option.

I don’t want to toot your horn too hard, but you were the best baby that ever was or could be.  You make me look like a really great mom, which is nice, because I hardly deserve any credit for the wonder baby that you are.  Good natured, smiley, and ever so deft and crawly.

You love balls.  You, like, really love them.  You bounce them and chase them and chew on them.  You like your snuggle linen blanket in your bed and you voluntarily gave up your paci- unlike your siblings before you.  You also love slapping.  Sometimes moms in the nursery would tell me you would be patting the other babies affectionately, but the truth is I’m sure you were slapping them.  Hard.  My favorite word to use with you is “gentle.”  Because seriously Henry, Ouch.  You have big ole baby hands.

You love crawling and finding scraps of plastic to eat off of the floor.  You love to eat your siblings food and you love making them laugh.  Oh, how can I forget your love of apples?  It’s not complicated.  You’ve never met an apple you didn’t like.


You have met outfits you don’t like, as in, every single one.  Getting dressed just isn’t in the agenda for you.  You are really laid back, but you can get your mind set on something and not give up.  As in spilling coffee or throwing a plate of food.  It’s a tenacity that will serve you well later in life, but that is currently ruining the carpet.


You’ve got eyelashes for days.  A goofy grin.  And sweet little ears.  I just can’t even with you Henry Bens.  We call you Hens, Henry Benry, Hank, “The Baby”, and that weird way MJ says Henry- Heh-ree.

I am so glad you came.  You bring light to every single person who meets you.  You made us a gang, a crew, and a posse.  I’ve kind of laid it on real thick, so don’t blow it.





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