For whatever reason, my car is now experiencing a free trial of Sirius XM radio a year after it was purchased.  Call it fate, call it an insidious plot to get me hooked on commercial free radio, all I know is that I can now choose from a buttload of stations.

Kidz Bop is a favorite to listen to- owing to it’s weird censorship practices.  “Take my cup, put some water in it!”  And don’t get me started on the double entendre.  Sure, you can edit the word bullet out of Bad Blood, but you can’t make the answer to “I know what you came here to do” not be sex.  It’s sex.

When I was a kid, they just let any moron in a chorus get in on the KidzBop action.  It seems the requirements have changed and you now have to be a child prodigy.  Probably the child singing Justin Bieber’s “Where are you now?” is also playing Simba in Broadway’s production of The Lion King.

Sometimes we throw on some classical music.  This is my favorite commentary to listen to because I have LITERALLY no idea what they are talking about.   The commentators like to tell me about Baroque period music and Viola sonatas and other musical sounding things.  I know practically nothing about instruments, besides the week I spent farting around on a flute in Fourth grade.  If an oboe murdered my mother and I had to pick it out of a line up?  The killer would still be at large.

But my clear favorite in the way of commercial free radio channels is Pop2k.  Yeah.  Pop music from late high school/early college years.  I hear Britney Spears “Toxic” and it takes me back to cage dancing at the club cleaning our apartment.  In high school I would put on the Goo Goo dolls CD and feel.  Just feel.  I’d get some real angst out in my journal.  It was a journal-not a diary-because I was and am a serious person writing about deep things like unrequited love and figuring out if I was lactose intolerant.  (I was.)
“cuz I don’t think they like manatees”

I guess you could say I’m eclectic because right after The Dolls I’d pop in Pocahontas and belt out just around the riverbend! And I was singing that about getting boobs. I had to sing Pocahontas in secret because my mom couldn’t stomach the historical inaccuracies. It had some hella catchy tunes though! And Meeko! Remember him? He was so cute and funny.

Other high school favorites include Sixpence None the Richer, DC Talk (Super Natural album), Five Iron Frenzy, Carol King, and assorted romantic comedy soundtracks.  Who were your favorite musicians in high school?  The talented team behind Disney Animation?  Tell me.  I wanna know.


4 thoughts on “radio.

  1. The Beatles, America, Carole King, and the soundtrack of The Sound of Music to name a few. Right now I’m listening to Holiday on Sirus to help get me in the Christmas spirit.

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