toddler tuesday. a day in the life.

Maisy Jo has a lot to deal with on any given day.  IMG_7785

The first issue of the day is waking up.  I completely understand the pain involved in waking up, so I don’t fault her here.  Not even this sparkly tutu dress could spunk her up.


She is indeed saying “NOOOO!  NO MOMMY!”  Just because it’s morning and mornings are hard.


See “Mornings are Hard” above.  Maisy tries to lap up the last droplets from my coffee cup.  MJ lurves coffee.  And dress up tutus.


Jo Jo insisted on wearing both tutus to Preschool pick up.  Which made it incredibly difficult to buckle her seat belt.  The heart wants what it wants.


This is Maisy casually extracting the beef filling from her ravioli and then smearing it all around (some in) her mouth.

I think a lot of us can relate to Maisy Jo as she is a thoroughly modern milly.  Who hasn’t woken up crying and went to bed smearing meat all over their face?


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