I need to take a moment to lament my lackluster photography skills.  I have pretty decent nunchuck skills, and even my bow hunting skills are passable.  It’s just that, I can’t take a nice picture to save my life.  I’m certainly no Ansel Elgort.  I mean, Ansel Adams.  Dang, keep getting my Ansel’s mixed up.

Blogs are enhanced by photographs, memes, gifs, and typography.  I am gifted at giffing and magnificent at meme-ing, but I got a P for poor on my Photography OWL.  Snape was going to give me a T, but I suspect Dumbledore intervened.  I don’t have an artistic eye.  But my eye enjoys artistic things.

One way to draw people to Your blog is by having beautiful photographs- captured moments- light bursts- angles!  You know… Photography words.  😐

Check out some of my best work!

Oh right, I didn’t take that.  Okay- this one!

No this!!  
Okay, surely this one:

Take that iCloud storage!  130 photos through a blurry milk bottle!  #winning

Well, photography blogger I am not.  Thanks for coming anyway!


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