toddler tuesday.

My children often and fruitfully take advantage of my flakiness.  I’m basically Malibu Barbie if Malibu Barbie looked like an overweight Daria.  Sometimes I misinterpret silence in my house to mean “we’re reading books.” Let me give my kiddos some credit.  Occasionally this IS the case.  And when it is I moonwalk away very, very slowly.

However, it must be said that sometimes they do this:

What’s this?  Well, it’s simply them dumping an entire bag of chocolate chips into a child’s play kitchen pot and making chocolate soup.

Owen’s like “Is this not allowed?  Color me surprised!  You’ve never specifically forbidden me to swipe chocolate chips and eat them in a imaginatively rich way.  My B.”

Maisy’s like “Act casual.  It’s possible she hasn’t seen you yet.”



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