maisy eats.

Maisy will eat anything.

Anything you say?  Surely not Kaley.  Surely she would not eat grass or chalk! She would.  She would eat chalk and toilet paper and rocks and dead insects and crumbs.  She would reach into ANY trashcan any day and eat literally anything she pulled out.  Like at Owen’s preschool when I turned around and found her licking cupcake icing out of the trashcan.  Would she suck the toilet water out of a wad of toilet paper?  Yes.  She finds toilet water especially refreshing.  Eau de toilet.  Pronounced Ohhhhh dee toilet?  Again?

Other favorite snacks are paint, crayons, stickers (as gum), pet food, and dry spaghetti.  She uses markers as listerine strips.  Just a pallet cleanser.  A warm up for bigger conquests such as sock lint and erasers.

Grilled chicken?  Ew!! Pass me some of that dog food!  Or my favorite- crusty Mac and cheese that’s turned back into dry pasta.  I’m not going to actually eat it.  Just chew on it, suck on its juices, and spit it out in a location close to the baby.

There you have it.  Maisy eats.


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