Kaley keeps it real. 

Well, you asked and I answered.  The question was “Will you please take disparaging selfies and post them on the internet.”  My answer?  “And how!”

Here’s my first selfie.  The angle I’m trying to achieve is “Can you believe how dark the circles under my eyes are?”  I occasionally think I have mascara running under them but it turns out they’ve just sunk in from parenting.   

This one is a Wednesday Selfie.  I have a lot to do on Wednesdays.  I picked up a lil side job and pre-k is Wednesday and shiz gets really real.  SO I took this hanging off the bed to reflect my tired despair.

When the Holy Spirit intercedes for me, does it ever suggest coffee?  

Me at work again.  I sweat when I’m nervous so all my make up except for the eyeliner peaced out an hour ago.  But you smile on the outside y’all.  You just smile.   

This one.  I was actually compelled to do a double take and gasp upon viewing my reflection.  “Am I dead?” I wonder existentially.  I had looked normal at the beginning of the day, but by the time I put the kids to bed I ended up looking like this.  How did this even happen??  I look like I just got into a noogie fight at a sleepover.  

I took this picture when all three of my children were crying in the NEX.  (That’s the Navy Exchange for all you civilians)  I felt homicidal… so I took a selfie to show all of you!  You’re welcome.  I call this “rage mask” and I’m thinking about making castes of my face to sell as Halloween decorations for haunted houses.  Now that’s spooky! 

Oh my gosh this.  Right after I got back from taking them to the pool this summer.  Magnificent.  You know you go to the pool and then you leave the pool and you’re like “Wait, why’d I go to the pool?  Dumb.”

And there you have it.  Me.  No filter.  (Is that a pun?) 


2 thoughts on “Kaley keeps it real. 

  1. Ok. The hanging off the bed selfie? That bed is totally made! Not sure if that qualifies as real. Unless you’re one of those make the bed every morning people.

    The noogie fight hair? Every. Single. Day. And my kids are teenagers.

    And I totally need some leggings and a big fat tunic sweater or something. I think I could pull it off. And boots. More boots.

    Can you tell my house is a wreck, my MIL may or may not be just stopping by (an hour and a half drive) today and I have no clean jeans to wear. And I have to go grocery shopping.

    1. I mean, you can’t just be raised by my parents and not make your bed everyday. That’s the only clean thing happening in my house! You should totes get some leggings. Life changing!

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