fall y’all.

using pumpkins to try to hide dilapidated brick patio. #nailedit

I’m feeling autumnal.  I’ve always loved fall.  When I was gifted an American Girl Doll of Today, I named her Autumn McHenry.  Because why wouldn’t you?  Nick recently told me that fall is his favorite season, replacing winter and “fog.”  To which I replied “#basic.”  Of course fall is your favorite.  It’s everyone’s favorite.

Don’t take fall for granted y’all.  I remember the years fall never happened.  In the deep deep where it stayed hot and humid for pretty much ever.  The best part of fall is that layering is once again possible.  Layering is my first line of defense against muffin top.  Pumpkin muffin top.  I’d include a delicious pumpkin muffin recipe, but this isn’t GOOP.  Plus, pumpkin baked goods + toddlers + slipcovered couch = Mom Hulk Face.  But, back to the layers.  You can buy a gigantic blanket style plaid scarf to disguise your entire body and people just call it fashion.  That’s the magic of Autumn.

I also love fall because it’s apple season.  Apples are my favorite fruit because they are the most texturally similar fruit to potato chips.  You can go to an orchard to pick them, but I’m not doing that.  I’m too short to enjoy apple picking.

Boots.  Finally, I can break out my fashionable boots!  Boots and long tunic shirts make wearing leggings as pants transform from lazy to runway.  I wore the same leggings three days in a row, but changed my boot everyday.  You can’t get away with that level of nasti-tude in flip flops.  Thank you boots.

IMG_7574 IMG_7567

Pumpkins.  Do you not love pumpkins?  What’s wrong with you??  Do you also hate Christmas and every actual good thing that ever existed??  Pumpkins are for real the best.  You can sit on them, bake with them, go to a patch and hang out with hundreds of them, carve them, eat their crispy seeds, and get a few tiny ones for your apothecary jar.  They have spooky, twisty stems and they make me smile.  I think you can tell what kind of neighbors you have by checking out their pumpkins.  Are you living with fancy giant gourd people?  One pumpkin minimalists?  Or like me, a person who will find any reason to buy the maximum amount of pumpkins that her husband will allow?  image

The last and best reason to love fall is because NEW TV!  All the shows are back!  And I love nothing, nothing, nothing more than sitting on the couch with a blanket watching the boob tube.

In conclusion, Love All the FALL!


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