Once upon a mer-MAN! 

Norfolk’s official city mascot is the mermaid.  Nick and I are so into Norfolk that we (I) decided to make us an appointment at The Mermaid Factory in Ghent.  To paint a clay mermaid.  For our house.  It’s cool I swear.

I decided to take Nick along and not a girlfriend because Nick is a perfectionist.  I am…not.  I have unsteady arthritic hands and I didn’t want this mermaid to seem like it had been Owen’s preschool project.

The first stage of the process is painting- which was Nick’s job.  IMG_7148So there I sat.  Nothing to do.  Then I remember- Giphy has an app.  And if there was ever a time to use this app, it is now.  Behold.




I’m almost 30 I swear.  #foreveryoung.  While Nick painted the mermaid I painted the stand.  I agonized over putting glitter glaze on it.  My inner muses of class and sass are constantly at war.


*hold applause*

Finally it was time to add the accessories!

IMG_7157 IMG_7158Starfish boobs or sand dollar boobs?  It was a real Sophie’s choice trust me.  In the end the sand dollars won out… but not before Nick asked if they had any bigger ones.  Just like a man amirite??


This is me wielding glue like a movie villain?  I was legitimately geeking out over the sparkly sea glass because sparkly sea glass.  I don’t have to explain myself to you okay?


So sparkly!  (Note to self, look up synonym for sparkly)  IMG_7165

So I gave my merlady some ombre tail highlights.  And then because I brought my perfectionist with me he went through and meticulously filled the spots that my personality went “meh, looks fine” to.


You know what they say- Teamwork makes the dream work!!  And can we all just treasure how excited that lady is behind him about the chevron tote?  She’s all sorts of fired up.  I bet it had a mermaid on it too.

And this is our mermaid.  I’m not dead inside, I’m just really tired.


No!  It’s mer-MAN!


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