Panic at the disco. 

Norfolk experienced some tidal flooding this weekend.  Hurricane Joaquin caused widespread concern, enough for Costco to sell out of water by Thursday before lunch.  We missed Joaquin, but did experience the effects of some stalled fronts.  I only know any of this because my husband’s job is naval meteorology and oceanography.  And sometimes, occasionally, I listen to him.  

Nick forced me to go out and check out the flooding since our neighborhood came out unscathed.  He’s a nerd, but he’s my nerd.  

This used to be a street.  

And this is me, being cool, as per always.  

 Here’s Nick being normal.  He’s wearing his tacti-cool rain jacket.  I’ve got a Naval Academy windbreaker my parents got me, because I’m not navy official.  

Oh, and this is a candid shot of me adjusting my shirt over my butt to conceal my tights as pants.  Thanks for that Nick.  


A rando yelled at me to go deeper and stop being a wuss, but my rain boot had a hole in it and I’m no Jim Cantore.  


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