meet my friends.

I struggled to pick a title for this post.  I was wavering between:

Self Help Books for Reformed Ass People OR

Helpful Thoughts on Theology from Oldish White Men.

I can say ass in my blog because I am #savedbygrace.  Jesus is still working on me okay??  And there were tons of asses in the bible.  Both literal and figurative.  How about Balaam’s donkey?  Ever heard of him?  K, that’s what I thought.

But all kidding aside (Am I even capable of that??) these are some books that have really been life changing for me.  I love them big time.  They are as follows:

A Loving Life by Paul Miller
Here Paul Miller uses the story of Ruth to illustrate how Christians can love each other deeply, even when they aren’t loved back, even when it’s hard.


“When neither preserving the relationship or our feelings are central, we’re free to offer love.”

When People are Big, and God is Small by Edward Welch
We’re talking fear of man here, and I had it big time.  I still have it, I’m just more aware of it now and working towards fearing God more.  But being known is hard and scary.


“Need other people less, love other people more.  Out of obedience to Christ, and as a response to his love toward you, pursue others in love.”

Prodigal God by Tim Keller

This is one of Keller’s more readable books.  It’s super cool.


“Jesus says to us, ‘Would you please be open to the possibility that the gospel, real Christianity, is something very different from religion?’ That gives many people hope that there is a way to know God that doesn’t lead to the pathologies of moralism and religiosity.”


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