our house. a group project.

There have been rumblings of a minimalist movement across the internet.  They want us to purge, to clean out those things that do not bring us joy, and to simplify.*

Oh my gosh what??  No!  I’m not doing that!  I’m too tired.  I’m about 3 bad life decisions away from having an attic full of cats.  Minimalism is as unachievable for me as fidelity is for Zeus.

Listen, messy people can inspire serenity too.  Lately I’ve been asking some of my mom friends to send me pictures of their real houses.  Let’s just start picturing our messiness as art.  Life art.

We will start our digital art walk in my house.

I call this one “Sculpture du Recycling.”

  I think it speaks to the precarious balance one must maintain… When trying to avoid mundane household tasks.  It’s beautiful because it’s fragile.  #balance

Next we have the interactive art installation: “my kitchen, your kitchen”


If my kitchen is trashed, why wouldn’t your play kitchen be?
Again, who says sculptural art is just for botanical gardens and up and coming city blocks?

I like the juxtaposition of hard and soft here.  The way diffused sunlight is hitting those unfolded baby shorts is making me feel things I haven’t felt in years.  Wow, art can be really powerful.

My sweet friend sent me this gem.

Two hours later she sent me another picture- “wait there’s more now.”

That’s the cool thing about art ya know?  It’s always changing.

And here is a fun piece.

“Loose dry beans let me clean the kitchen”

“but then I have to clean the beans”  

Listen, I don’t want to knock your minimalism.  I think it’s great.  I just can’t/won’t get involved in it.  I like my house to feel like a quirky cottage gone slightly to seed.  Every wall space not taken up with a picture is a wasted opportunity.  Mix.  Match.  Fill.  And that makes me happy.

*What I’m talking about.  


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