I feel like you guys don’t know Henry very much- and that makes me sad.  I must remedy it immediately because if there is any baby worth knowing- it’s Henry.

Henry is really nice.  When you look at him, he smiles!  To Henry there are no strangers, just friends he hasn’t met yet.  I hate to be conceited but Henry likes me best.  We often lock eyes from far away and smile at each other.

Henry is like a beast.  He’s basically the most advanced baby on earth and spectacularly amazing.  He crawls and planks and sits up and leans and flips over.  He grabs small objects, like my eyelashes, with laser precision.

He sleeps often, easily, and with peace.  Sometimes he doesn’t, but mostly he does and that’s what counts.  Henry’s arch nemesis is his car seat because when he is in it, there is no one to smile at and he can not turn over, which are his two favorite things to do.

Henry really likes to watch kids jumping.  I’m sure he would enjoy adults jumping too, but kids he likes best.  He drools often and with reckless abandon.  He’s the drooliest baby I’ve ever had.

Don’t get me wrong, Henry still cries.  Mostly when he’s pooped in his diaper and hungry and I can’t change his diaper and feed him all at once.  As soon as he eats, back to happy.


I’m not telling you all of this to brag, I just feel like Henry deserves the praise that is due to him.  His joyful happiness has very little to do with me.  I’m very, very blessed.  “Why me?” I wonder as Henry has a day of being completely awesome.  Thanks for letting me be your mom Henry.  You are really cool and nice and you’ll never disobey me.  Right?


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