not christmas card people.

Family photos.  I remember getting our family picture taken for the church directory every couple of years.  The session would end with my family in tears.  Of hysterical laughter.  Because we had no idea how it was possible to be the least photogenic people on earth.  We would have looked really good in those pioneer era photographs when no one was allowed to smile.  So when it was our turn to have our pictures taken, I asked our photographer to send me some photos to use for keeping it real purposes along with the regular portraits.  Here is her wonderful work:


I don’t know if you knew this, but small children give zero effs about behaving for family picture day.  See below:


We could even hashtag it #thestruggleisreal.  Because getting them to stand and/or sit for the picture was a literal, not figurative, struggle.  We had the strugs.


I did not choose the strug life.  The strug life chose me.

Nick spent approximately 80% of this photo shoot wrangling baby honey badger Maisy Jo.  She’s a free spirit.  She heard someone say “No man is an island” and she scoffed right in his face.

Here is a favorite of mine.  This is Henry not having any of Nick’s business.  None at all.


But in the end we won him over.


Those are Hallmark level feels y’all.


It’s an actual possibility that I might send this out as our Christmas card this year.  By the way, if your spanx are too tight, you might get a back fat armpit roll.  I mean, that didn’t happen to me, I’m just telling you it could happen.  File that under life hacks in the old noggin.

8B6A8765 8B6A8854

The camera adds 25 pounds of postpartum baby weight, FYI.  Can we have real talk for a minute?  Didn’t I marry a stone cold hottie??  The number of children we have made might speak to this a little bit.


My family bids you a fond adieu.  Adieu.  Adieu. To you and you and youuuUUuu.


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