that shark is dead as f.

If you ever wanted to have a good time, simply tune into any comment feed on Facebook where an animal is featured.  Last night I watched this video:

I started in on the comments which were promising:

If there’s ever a group of people who deserved to be attacked by a shark…

Nice that people can do this for one shark.  But how many of you that did this would kelp a cop in need.  (I personally never kelp cops.  It’s against my religion.)

Sharks and whales usually beach their selves when they are going to die.  Thanks for prolonging it’s death.  (She’s got experience in marine biology, not an English degree okay??)

That shark is dead as f.

Then my personal favorite.  “That shark looks cgi to me”  Ha!  Funny.  Even witty.  This person is making fun of the ridiculous commenters.  I must see the replies.  They are as follows.

shark ridiculousness

And so, that’s how I lost my faith in humanity.  She really thought CNN had a fake CGI shark news story. [Also, do you think she really lol’d?  I remain skeptical.]


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