squad goals.

If Everest is the goal of every serious mountain climber, then a gaggle of girlfriends is the goal for all of us social gals.  A solid group of besties.  Or recently coined- a squad.

“look at how many friends I have. LOOK!”

The latest reincarnation of the squad is Taylor Swift’s harem of girlfriends.  There are so many!  And they’re all so cool!  I certainly wouldn’t hate being invited to Tay’s Cape Cod beach house to bake cookies, hang out with cats, and do each other’s make up.  But before Taylor there were the sisters of the traveling pants variety.  Then there were the Friends, or Sex and the City, or the Babysitter’s Club.  Whatever, we all want that group of friends.

You know what puts a big fat damper on squad goals?  The Navy.


Yeah.  The Navy makes you move every 18-36 months.  Bye Felicia!  They don’t care.  Here’s me the first 6 months after I PCS.

“with my by myself”

I think I’ve decided that I’ll just keep having children until I can make a kid squad.  Then every time we move I can at least have my children as friends.  “Hey Owen!  Wanna watch the Bachelorette play Hi Ho Cheerio?!”

It would be cool if everyone was thinking I was always out with my mom friends, laughing, and generally being fabulous.  A lot of the time I’m sitting on the couch in the playroom thinking about how much I really need to do the dishes while I’m picking my toes wondering if I smell bad and could I maybe go another day without showering and/or seeing other humans.  “If everyone uses one  sheet of TP, I won’t have to go to the store for three more days.”


As moms and just generally as people, we are all lonely at one point or another.  Don’t be scared to ask a friend to tea.  They might be lonely too.  Always insta so people who are currently lonely can be overcome with self loathing.  And if all else fails, you could always get a cat.


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