saturday smash.

Have you heard of DubSmash?  You can record yourself lip synching to virtually anything.  I sat down a few days ago and resolved to figure out the app.  I’m just about as technically illiterate as they come, which comes in handy when one is an internationally famous blogger (a person in Malaysia clicked on my blog once.  Probably as a result of a fart meme search)  I’m going to double dubsmash you today.

If you haven’t seen the movie Hot Rod, please remedy that as quickly as possible.

And because Maisy is a real cutie pa-two-tie.  I did that because she’s two.  And because I’m really clever.

And just to be clear, the reason I look so wasted is because I haven’t showered in 3 days.  Some days, something’s gotta give, and most days, the thing I give, is a shower.


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