keepin’ it real.

I’ve been snapping unflattering and real photographs of myself over the past couple of weeks.  Uuuuuuugh.  I’m posting this to say the following things:

  • I’m gross too!
  • I didn’t do the dishes either!
  • Having kids is “a whole thing.”
  • To encourage you.
  • To hopefully make you laugh.


I’m tired.  I’m in desperate need of more coffee.  The bags under my eyes rival a spooky halloween mask.  Silver lining?  The blurry hides how badly my eyebrows need a pluck.


Some facts I know about the poop: It’s Henry’s.  It is fresh-ish,  within the last 12 hours.  Some things I don’t know: How it got there.  Did Henry even poop this morning?


Sometimes around 3:30 I just lay on the couch and wonder if I can teleport to 5:30 when Nick gets home.


What is likely happening while I text you.


I know the laundry won’t fold itself.  But what if one day it did??  #imagination

So, I know we know, but life isn’t just this:

IMG_6159 IMG_6180

Sometimes it’s a little poopier than that.


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