Things I’ve thought while sitting in beach traffic. 

The longer a person languishes in bumper to bumper vacation traffic, the more feasible the TV poster for the Walking Dead becomes.


a real image of 95S.

If the zombie apocalypse does ever come, and I survive the first wave of infection, I’m going to be really hoping some of my Navy friends learned how to hot wire a helicopter- cuz ain’t nobody getting out of Hampton Roads alive in a car.  Here are some thoughts I had, and subsequently jotted down, while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for 7 hours on 95.

  • If Pennsylvanians wanted to go to the beach so badly, then why did they move to a landlocked state?!
  • Eff the Outer Banks.
  • At this point I’m just mad at the entire state of Pennsylvania.
  • How did our parents do this with stick shifts and 8 tracks??
  • Was there traffic in the 70’s?
  • Were there just less people on earth?
  • Oh!  There  was a gas crisis.  Maybe no one got to go anywhere.
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee
  •   Nooooo! Any song but “The A team” by Ed Sheeran
  • Did I die and now I’m in hell?
  • Or worse.  Have I been Left Behind?!
  • Probably I should take these traffic selfies


Oh my gosh don’t get your panties in a wad.  We were in a DEAD STOP.  Deader than dead.


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