Coke-y Dokey.

You know how parenthood is good, but hard, and gross, but really, really good?  I was reminded of this viral coke ad from awhile back and thought I would re-share it with you here.

Also, I’m EXTREMELY vulnerable to Coke’s marketing.  I love Coke so much.  I love it just shy of getting a coke bottle tattoo on my butt.  Who am I kidding, I’d get it on my bicep so everyone could see!!  But I wouldn’t actually get it.  Would I?  No.  I wouldn’t.  And would I even entertain getting a Pepsi?  No.  I wouldn’t.

3 thoughts on “Coke-y Dokey.

  1. Gave you ever been to the Coke museum in Atlanta? When I left, and ever since, I’ve been pretty sure Coke can solve all my problems.

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