Surprised by joy.  

“I’m so tired and I can’t figure out why.” 

“Ha!  You’re probably pregnant.”  

Those casual words from a friend were the catalyst for the discovery of my surprise third pregnancy.

Surprise!! You got knocked up!

And aren’t I glad I did!  God’s apparent hand in the conception of Henry is glaring!  “I’m done having kids” I told friends with a cavalier grin.  I planned not.  I had no idea that a particular twinkle in Nick’s eye would become a Henry.  I forfeit any credit or control when it comes to my third baby.  He is a blessing, a rich albeit unexpected one.

There are moments, several times a day, that I am overwhelmed by the blessing of my newest little love.  I feel like shouting “I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!” Mary Katherine Gallagher style.  This baby is an in your face reminder that God is merciful to a sinner like me.  That every good and perfect gift is from above.

Henry is a polite, loveable, amicable, smiley, happy baby.  Henry has the strength of 10 babies, is a stellar sleeper, and only has pooped on me a handful of times.  He’s a gentleman and a genuinely nice guy.  When I look at Henry I see plain as day that God’s plan is best and Kaley’s plan is, well,  trifling and worthless.

“Then sings my soul, My savior God to thee.  How great thou art!”


I LOVE IT!!!!!


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