My kids went to day camp for the first time ever last week.  I’d like to say that I was totally cool, not sweating it at all.  I was not.  I frantically picked fights with Nick the entire day before I had to take them.  Even though I would be in the same building in the nursery for the entire duration and I was being completely ridiculous.  But I’m trying to be transparent.  I want my kids around me at all times kind of like this:

I guess you could call me “broody.”  It turns out they did fantastically.  Owen never once stripped down naked and Maisy Jo punched no one in the face.  A success!  Owen even learned this song: “My God is so BIG, so strong and so muddy there’s nothing my God can not do!”  So, here’s some pictures, a true testament that my children can branch out without me and come to no harm.

C6XoiZ6kvb2KoIqydF-gBIvAKkVQzmmf8n1UGzNMJXk IMG_2464 IMG_2488 VgsbEAagSZc3r9Jm1BV2YF8ozntiXV322t7zWQVV50w


One thought on “camp.

  1. They look like grown ups in these photos! I would like to say well done kids- but we really know this victory is yours. Well done momma!

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