Maisy Jo is 2.


Oh Maisy Jo!  You are 2.  And there is no one, ever, who is you-er than you.  Maisy Jo, you have the bluest blue eyes and the blondest blonde hair.  Everyday as I wrestle you to put your bow on and survey my work, I declare “It is good.”  Because everyone wants to be blonde and you did it.  You really did it.


Maisy, you hate being clean.  You. Hate. It.  You refuse to brush your hair or have your nails trimmed or to be scrubbed in the bathtub.  You do however, love your toothbrush.  So much so that you’ve hidden one in every room of the house.  You’re not a morning person until you’ve had your milk.  I get you.  I feel that way about coffee.  We spent much of the year encouraging you to eat as you were the tiniest child in the continental US, apparently well below the zero percentile.  Thankfully you decided to eat a few months shy of your second birthday and now weigh a girthy 23 elbees.  YAY!!


You have the soul of a park ranger.  “I go outside.” Is your daily mantra.  You never come inside unless made to.  You’d even linger outside at night, because you fear nothing except for the remote control Thomas Engine.  I know, I don’t get it either.  You suffer no fools.  I will not forget the silent scream, when you are too upset to even yell, and you just freeze with your mouth open.  When you do eventually yell, your father and I suppose you’ll become an opera singer.  The lungs on you girl.  You got em.


Maisy, you are funny.  And sweet.  Your favorite things are Owen, bunnies, “Bammy” (that’s grammy), your blankie, and jelly beans.  Oh my gosh you love jelly beans.  You love shoes and hats and your sheep pillow.



One day you just woke up and decided to speak in sentences.  “I wear my sweater” “Please hold you” “I brush my teeth”  “I eat yuggets”  You love sleep.  You tell me when you are sleepy.  You are decisive, strong, and more importantly, silly.  Less importantly you are so seriously cute.

IMG_5592 IMG_5384

You’d do anything your brother does.  If Owen jumped off of a bridge, you’d be right behind him yelling “Geronimoooooo!”  And you love you some Henry as well.  Frequently you ask to hold him.

Maisy Jo, Jo Jo, Maisy Jo PP, Moo Moo, Maisy Moops- We love you.  I’m so glad you’re ours.


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