bugging out.

It’s no secret that I hate bugs.  I hate bugs so much.  I hate bugs more than you.  I hate bugs more than anyone except for that lady on TLC who was afraid of butterflies fluttering onto her.  I would rather not have a butterfly come near me, but I can get away quickly enough if need be.  Recently we have had a bug infestation in our house.  As it turns out, Twinky


Sorry, had to.  Anyway.  As it turns out Twinky was eating way more bugs than I knew about at the time.  She was just like that you know?  She had a servant’s heart.  She wasn’t doing it for the accolades.  But I digress.  I’m telling you about bugs.  Unfortunately my dramatic reactions to the presence of bugs has rubbed off on Owen.

Here we are at the Botanical Gardens, waiting with hands out to see a beautiful swan tailed butterfly:



Here we are immediately after Owen spots the butterfly:


To quote Shakespeare “I cannot even.”




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