no way dude.

Here is a list of things that I was initially against, but eventually ended up liking.  My knee jerk reaction to anything new is “That’s terrible.  I hate that.  I will never like it or try it.”  It’s not great to be like this, especially if your husband is the type who enjoys saying “I told you so.”  Which he can, frequently and often, as I am repeatedly declaring things terrible that I have never tried.  Here we go.  Hold onto your petticoats.  (Those sound terrible.)

Hummus- I thought you had to join a vegan commune to eat this.  As it turns out, all you really need is some pita chips.

Kitchen tongs- This one’s a little embarrassing.  I was solidly on team spatula.  Clearly kitchen tongs work better.  Clearly.

Any food that wasn’t chicken tenders- Thank you for coming into my life and showing me Mexican food Nick.

Harry Potter- I know.  What?  But I was being spiteful hipster.  I was wrong.  As wrong as Humphry Belcher, who thought the time was ripe for a cheese cauldron.

Breaking Bad- I vocally spoke against such a terrible show.  And by terrible I mean best and most amazing show of all time.

California- Most of you have only heard bad things about Southern California right?  No?  You haven’t?  Don’t worry, I changed my tune eventually.  Now I love that West Coast magic.

Coffee- This is my most recent schema shift.  I am now a bean believer.  Thank you magic beans.  (kissy face emoji)

And there you have it.  What is something you’ve changed your mind about?  You should comment.  It’s really easy- there’s not even a robot word box or anything.  You don’t even have to put your real name.  You could put Bertram Underpants if you wanted to.  Or Calvin Hobnob.  Or Victoria Frankenfitzen.  Or just your name.  I don’t want to twist any arms.  Especially if they belong to Bertram Underpants.  Who I imagine has a pegleg.  [End Tangent]


8 thoughts on “no way dude.

  1. Mexican food. I thought it had to be really spicy but it’s actually pretty tame AND it taste really good.

  2. What happened in a person’s childhood to make them grow up thinking they didn’t like Mexican food? I’m pretty willing to try new things, but I used to think flying was awesome, and now I have changed my mind about that.

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