Toddler Tuesday.  

*This is Maisy’s last toddler Tuesday as a 1 year old.  She turns 2 this week, although, she really turned 2 about 4 months ago.  

My toddlers have this thing about crossing thresholds, as in, they won’t.  When we come to any door – could be ours, could be a friends, could be the entrance to a parallel world with talking animals – they freeze.  Why go in when I could stand in the door jamb? I like the door jamb.  Hey mom, can you find out if they are selling door jamb time shares?  It’s nice here.  

So, there I stand, at the mercy of any neighbors, yelling at everyone to get the hell In the house.  Go inside.  Go inside.  Go inside! GET INSIDE!!!!! 


I will never go inside. 


One thought on “Toddler Tuesday.  

  1. My kids stand on the other side. Bunched in the foyer, taking their shoes off before they actually get out the door. I’m the crazy lady pushing them down the steps, yelling, “GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!” Then there are the really special times when I actually remember that I forgot something while pushing them out, and then have to try to herd them back in to brush their hair, apply sunscreen, etc.

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