things you’re wrong about: stick families.


Why has everyone lost their ever loving minds over stick families?  I’ve never heard people so annoyed about something so wholesome.  “Those people obviously love their family.  Ew!”  What is it that gets people so riled up over a bumper sticker?  Nobody’s writing blog posts about rednecks with truck nuts hanging off of their tow hitch.  (I can’t confirm that, someone may have written a scathing post about truck nuts.  The internet is a big place… and technically I am writing scathing things about truck nuts right now.)  I think you really need to check yourself if you’re getting all worked up over people saying they have a family.  Why can someone put a big old sports team sticker on the back of their windshield, even fly flags from their windows, but not celebrate something infinitely more important- their family?


People trick out their back windshields with giant portraits of bald eagles super imposed over American flags.  Some cars have mustaches or even eye lashes.  You know what’s worse than stick figure families?  People who have a bumper sticker claiming their dog is smarter than your children.  If your dog is in fact smarter than someone’s child they’ve got bigger fish to fry than your Burnese Mountain Dog.  I appreciate a good joke as much as the next guy, I like the stick figure family spoof stickers.  But I also like the stick figure family.


I personally can’t have one because of that one episode of Dexter.  Aaaand I can’t think of anything more depressing than scraping the memory of my dead cat off of the back window.  Rest in peace Twinky Cat.  So there ya go.  I’m going to have to agree to disagree with those of you who think stick families are dumb.


5 thoughts on “things you’re wrong about: stick families.

  1. Personally, I love the stick figure families! I was all set to get them (from Disney of course) but then I read how dangerous they are and how creepers will track people.. They know all about you from them.. From the cute little baby to the cat and the dog.. So needless to say I became paranoid and now will never have them..

  2. Well, I agree with you, and truck nuts are deplorable. My version of the stick figure decal is address labels with cartoons of my husband, myself, the baby, and our four cats. Come at me!

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