Ain’t no mess like a 3+ kid household mess.  There’s no mopping.  There’s no polishing.  There is sweeping and dusting and anything that can be cleaned with the readily available and ever so versatile baby wipe.

Here’s a prime example.  This is a Granola bar wrapper in the couch. Not on it.  In it.  The other is a baby goldfish. I deduce one of three things will happen.

A. The cockroaches will come for it. B.  MJ will scavenge it by mid afternoon.  C.  It will be knocked off and ground into the carpet so thoroughly it would put a millstone to shame.  Since that granola bar had been living there since my 2nd trimester, I decided to vacuum out the couch.  I found the following items:

Wow!  A cheetah AND a toothbrush?!  Jack pot!

I seem like a mess but really I’m organized. For example,  I organized the kitchen by putting all of the dishes into the sink.  Technically I’m ahead of the game because they all fit- none are on the counter. I’m running so behind because I ran out of paper plates. (My apologies to the fairy from Fern gully)

Then there’s the laundry.  There’s nothing really to say so I’ve put it in a meme.


So I guess I’m saying the house is messy.  I just want to help my other friends by letting them know it could be worse.  They could live in a house where I am responsible for the housework.


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