A Eulogy for Twinky Cat. 

My dear, sweet, sass cat had to be put to sleep today.  Oh how I have always loved cats and Twinky was my first very own kitty. Like lunatics we adopted her a mere 3 weeks before my due date.  You see, the Mississippi SPCA was trying to break a record with their adoptathon and they said- here! Take this cat!  For free!  

And what a kitten she was. A ferociously tenacious ankle biter, curtain climber, and bed snuggler.  Early on she developed an affinity for hunting and eating pacifiers, a habit that ultimately caused her untimely demise.  (Pause for author weeping) Twinky ate upwards of 100 pacifiers in her 3 short years.  Like I said, she was tenacious.  I expect NUK will be sending their condolences upon learning of her passing.  She singlehandedly drove up sales.  

After about a year Twinky mellowed out, started to get lazy, and eat more and more food.  She always sat with me when I was sewing.  I remember her curled up in her kitty window seat, eying up the delicious threads.  Twinky had an evil resting face, which I could relate to.  She walked around like she had something to prove.  

Later in life she started eating dog food because her insatiable appetite could not be whetted on pacifiers and science diet alone.  

Twinky loved all things baby.  She only spent 3 weeks of life without a human baby in it.  Her favorite nap spots included the baby swing, changing pad, crib, bassinet, PB kids chairs, or the smushed pillow on the sectional.  

Owen and Maisy loved Twinky.  Nick also loved her deep down.  Deep, deep, deep down.  Twinky was ridden, sat on, trampled, poked, prodded, hugged and kissed.  Twinks was always down for a cuddle.  She especially loved people who were allergic to her.  

Twinky listened to me unequivocally.  She came when I called and answered my questions with a curt meow.  

And if you’re wondering why she is Twinky and not Twinkie, it’s because I had always planned on writing a children’s book about her and wanted to avoid copyright infringement.  #truestory 

I miss my kitty.  She’s gone and she won’t come back.  There was no cat in the world more perfect for me than her.  What other cat would put up with all those costumes?  Twinky,  my heart hurts.  You were such a super star.  A fat, fat super star. 

   I know every good and perfect gift is from above, so thank you Jesus for my perfect little cat baby.  I just wish I could have had her for a bit longer.  

Thanks for the memories Twinky!  




9 thoughts on “A Eulogy for Twinky Cat. 

  1. Aww 😕. I had to put my little Tweety down a few years ago because she developed congestive heart failure, so I know how hard it is to lose a pet. Sounds like Twinky brought you a lot of joy, though, so that’s great. By the way, this is Chrissy’s mom. She sent me the link to your cats eulogy. I enjoyed reading it. It was just perfect!

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