Driven to drink: An exposé

I hate to say it, but my children have driven me to drink…

Coffee!  Come on now, what must you think of me??  After 29 years on earth, artfully dodging this undeniably adult beverage, I have given in with the help of a non dairy creamer.  Don’t you want to hear the enthralling story behind my decision?  I knew you would.

I was sitting on the couch in the playroom feeling the urge to fall asleep.  Woe is me for all my kids are awake!  Every last stinking one.   I had no soda and a chai was just not going to get me there.  So I said, let’s do this coffee, let’s tango.  And I added a lot of hazelnut creamer. Like imagine adding a lot then add half a mug more.

Man oh man, how did I parent before coffee?  I don’t want to hurt any feelings, but the fact that I made it this far into my motherhood journey without coffee just shows how much better at mothering I am than all of you.  Ha!  I kid, I kid.  Coffee is magic and fantastic and boy can I stay awake if I pound some brew.  Before coffee?  Asleep.  After?  Fold laundry, breast feed a likely jazzed up caffeinated baby, clean up vomit, write some blogs, drink more coffee, buy more creamer and so on and so on.

So, here’s to you coffee, making me the mother I always dreamed I could be.


2 thoughts on “Driven to drink: An exposé  

  1. That’s when I started drinking coffee. When I had to little kids and couldn’t stay awake. Because falling asleep when they’re awake is dangerous. And it invites little fingers to poke closed eyelids.

  2. Welcome to the coffee cult. You can’t ever leave, but really why would you want to??

    Also, I like the new layout. And I miss you friend.

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