Clear eyes, full hands, can’t lose. 

“Wow, you have your hands full!” 

“I mean right?!” *

I think I may be the only mom in town who does not get offended when they hear the phrase “you sure do have your hands full!”  Because I do. I quite literally have my hands full of children at all times.  In fact, just recently, I’ve produced more children than my hands are capable of holding. We have reached max capacity.  

I roll deep y’all. I wear my infant in public and outfit my shopping cart with an assortment of toddlers.  When I go to the park I strap a baby on my front and push the other two in a double stroller.  A 3 year old, a one year old, and an infant.  Guys, it’s a lot of kids within the age group of causing an irreversible public tantrum.  

All that to say, I am a sight. But call me delusional, I think people are simply trying to build me up by telling me that my hands are full.  I imagine that they are commiserating with how long it took me to get all of the children out of the door and into the realm of other people.  They’re cheering me on like the bystanders who hold posters at marathons.  I really don’t think they are criticizing my life choices, just acknowledging my hard work.  Sure they could say “good job mama!” Or “I’m buying you some Starbucks super lady!” But they didn’t.  And it’s okay. 

*Oh, and for the record, I do respond to that with “I know right?!” Or “Word!” Because I have self confidence and strangers don’t scare me.  


6 thoughts on “Clear eyes, full hands, can’t lose. 

    1. I’m loving this. It’s like that silly cliche: full hands, full heart..? Or maybe I made that up. Either way, you’re a super mom for going anywhere 🙂 I love hearing all about it and I appreciate your honesty! That’ll be me in three months so I like hearing that I can do it!!

  1. I struggle sometimes to get just myself out the door and to the park, so…moral of the story is you’re a BAMF.

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