*objects in this picture may appear thinner than the angle may or may not suggest.
*objects in this picture may appear thinner than the angle may or may not suggest.

This is my triumphant return to blogging!  I think.  Three kids feels like more than 2 did.  That could be because it is.  Nick and I together are outnumbered and me, myself am ridiculously outnumbered.  Right now I’m trying to type through Owen chatting to me about animals and lullaby music blasting for the baby.  I guess I’m telling you that because I know there are typos and I can’t even imagine what the sentence structure is coming across like.  Does it make sense?  Probably about as much sense as having 3 children 3 and under.

This is my general segue back into blogging.  I thought it would be extreme to jump right back in with my birth story.  I hope I can continue to keep up with the old bloggy, but from the ghostly look I now relate to in the eyes of mother’s of three, I’m thinking the exhaustion is going to come for me.

Some highlights from my life:

  • Henry likes being held upright a lot.  Henry already weighs 10 pounds.  Soon I’ll be ready to arm wrestle a bear.
  • My body is lumpier than I could have ever previously imagined it could be.  Not great.
  • I think I’ve broken some sort of Guinness World Record for “number of butts wiped.”
  • Someone is always touching/talking to me.  Most of the time more than one person is touching me.  99% of the time someone is talking to me.
  • This is the shape of my body now:
  • IMG_5033
  • Had previously experienced incontinence when sneezing or exercising.  Now experience when lounging and casually standing around.
  • Feel upset about the state of my body.  Remember Henry weighed 9 pounds.  Feel better.
  • Baby cries.  Toddler cries.  Pre-k-er cries.  Mommy binge eats.

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