One of the most surprising things about giving birth in a hospital, or more specifically a military training hospital, is the amount of people who pile in as soon as you hit 10 cms. You’ll get a doctor, a couple of nurses, assorted people who must serve some purpose, an 18 year old enlisted sailor who can’t figure out how he ended up in the maternity ward, and finally some stray lookie loos who got dared to watch a live birth.  You won’t care or even notice these people are all present and staring at your nether regions until you “come to” out of the birth trance and wonder if you’re in a “What’s up with that?” SNL sketch.

I think on my birth plan I’m going to add a clause demanding Nick dance the running man in a track suit for the entire duration of my labor.


2 thoughts on “L&D

  1. I mean, if Nick dancing in a track suit is going to motivate you to push his baby out, then it’s the least he owes you after having had the gall to take you to an open bar while wearing dress whites last summer.

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