what’s going on with me.

Hey guys.  I’m 39 weeks.  That means Henry is due to drop out at ANY minute.  Pop!  Just like a slip n’ slide.  (hashtag I WISH)  I took some photos of myself from different angles so you could experience my torpedo shaped belly with me.

also, I fixed my bad ombre! And by “I” I of course mean a reputable salon took 4 hours to fix that bad boy, but man was it worth it!

IMG_4670 IMG_4679

I have an intense nesting desire accompanied by none of the nesting energy, so basically I lay on the couch after doing my one task (and the ongoing task of keeping the other two alive) and wish I could clean the baseboards dishes.  And then I stand up and my pelvic floor groans worse than a haunted house on a boardwalk.  The good news is that soon I will have a baby.  The bad news is he has to cleave my body open in order to make his debut.  But, such is life.  Such is life.

And finally, a teeny tiny anecdote for y’all.  Today at the bagel place for lunch a young college student named Matilda* asked me when I was due, and when I said any minute she seemed surprised.  She said “Oh, but you’re carrying so small!”  And then she noticed I didn’t tip her for taking my order and seemed disappointed at the wasted compliment, but I’ll take it.

*I don’t know what her name is, but she looked like a Matilda.  


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