Oh Kaley, how do you find time to write this amazingly witty, hard hitting, and excellently written award winning blog that rivals that of many others?  

Girl it’s easy!

One thing that helps is that I care little for proofreading and grammatical correctness, sentence structure, punctuation and the like.  This is a huge timesaver!!  Plus, I’m trying to write in my own dialect …and didn’t critically acclaimed author Mark Twain do the same thing?  I’m basically Mark Twain.  With a bushier mustache.

I write a lot of posts at night on my phone during insomnia time.  As I become more tired I get less posting done, but when my heartburn is acting up the words keep me company.

I used to write a lot at nap time, but now that Owen has stopped doing that (WHYYYYYYYYYYY) the time to write has become sparser.

But Kaley, how will you write when you have three children?

Oh indeed I don’t know.  I really don’t.  Maybe one handed posts while nursing?  Maybe my blog will become one giant gif feed.  I’ll just throw out some phrases so you know I’m alive, periodically.  Most likely non sensical and sometimes rude.

“Still living!  Feel tired!  Send help!”

“I think someone just smeared baby poop on the wall.  It was me?”

A video filmed by Owen of me rapping “Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made” in a postpartum moo moo.

Only time will tell!  (Nick, did this embarrass you?  Sorry bro.)


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