So, you have an opinion.

I’ve been thinking, and that in itself is shocking because I’m 3 weeks out from giving birth to my third child.  Suffice it to say, it’s a little remarkable that I’m having any coherent thoughts.  Now, don’t mind me while I try to make deep observations usually reserved for people who got a Literature degree.  (I did get a 5 on my AP English exam in High School.  How do you like me now suckers?!)

So, imagine.  You are reading an article/blog post/social media post on the internet.  This post, for whatever reason, invokes a strong reaction inside of you.  You agree!  You DISAGREE and also how dare they??

My first piece of advice, should you care to consider it, is find out if this person is trying to make a joke.  Is this comedy?  And then ask yourself- do I have a sense of humor?  If you do not, don’t comment.  (Also, I’m not sure if you would know you don’t have a sense of humor if you actually don’t have one.)  Comedy, believe it or not, takes a lot of courage and bravery to expound.  There are a lot of different brands of comedy.  Some people you will find offensive and crude.  Others you will find delightful.  Avoid the ones that you find distasteful and by all means celebrate those you love.  Really nothing productive comes from you telling someone that they suck for no other reason than you can.  The only person you are helping is yourself.  “I’m so glad that I told that person they suck.  Now everyone knows.  You are welcome world.”  Just because there is a comment bar doesn’t mean you should use it.  If you find something unfunny, then you don’t get it.  And that’s okay.

My next point is: Did this person ask for advice?  If they did not ask for advice, don’t give it.  Oh for sure it’s tempting.  Just don’t do it.

Do you feel invalidated as a person as a result of an internet post?  If so, definitely don’t comment.  I get it.  When moms post that working out is easy and making dinner is easy or that their kids eat a lot, I get a little jealous.  Don’t they know that I (Me, the most important person in the universe) do not 100% agree with every detail of their life so I have to make their social media post about me?  “Little Timmy ate all his dinner”  “Well, then eff you because my kids are swimming way below the 0 %.  How dare you post about your life without thinking about my life.  You insensitive wart.”  Let me share with you a quote by the esteem-able Dr. Suess.  “Today you are you, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is you-er than you.”  Sure, you can find your tribe, but no matter who you find, they won’t be exactly like you, with all your experiences and opinions.  And they shouldn’t be.  So if they wrote something you disagree with, let it go.  Let it roll off of your shoulders.  Unsubcribe from them on social media so you can remain friends.  Ask yourself why you care so much.  What is the reason.  The reason behind the reason.

These days people are wielding their opinions like a gladiator mace just because there is a platform for them to be aired on.  I know, I know, this could be considered an opinion piece.  I’m writing to myself as well.  Mostly I’ve been submitting my blogs to more popular outlets and been on the receiving end of criticism.  Which I don’t read- and feel like that’s okay because neither do Taylor Swift or Mindy Kaling.  This blog is what it is.  Self deprecating, not serious, occasionally funny, and chalk full of grammatical and factual errors.  My goal is to make someone laugh, because sometimes when you are scooping an entire roll of toilet paper out of a toilet filled with poop using a slotted spoon, you need to take a minute out and laugh.  (Boy, Kaley, that example was really specific.  It’s like that actually happened to you today or something.)  And other times parenting is really heavy and you’re having to make all kinds of decisions you didn’t think you would have to make.  You need to laugh then too.  

Okay, I promise never to write anything this long ever again, because honestly, who has the time?  Winky face.


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