Toddler Tuesday, epic fail.

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I swear y’all, I SWEAR I put the markers on top of the refrigerator when I am not using them.  Today, while trying to post Toddler Tuesday, I grabbed one marker off of the fridge to use for Owen’s letter tracing notebook, which I planned to do immediately after posting this.  Call it pregnancy day, call it twisted irony, call it what you will, that kid silently swiped the marker and gave himself some cat whiskers.  (Kaley, how did you not notice the marker was gone?  Uh, I was posting Toddler Tuesday…)  Nick intercepted Owen with the marker and had this conversation:


Nick: Are you trying to be a tiger?

Owen: No.  I not tryna be a tiger.

Nick: Are you trying to be a lion?

Owen: No. I not tryna be a lion.

Nick: Then why did you draw on your face?

Owen: I tryna be Owen.

You be you Owen.  You be you.

Also, sometimes you choose your battles.  For example, instead of forcing Maisy Jo to get dressed, I simply let her sit in a chair in the middle of the dining room naked for 30 minutes.  It’s what she wanted.






2 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday, epic fail.

  1. Oh no no no, this is only intermediate nudity. Serious “don’t care” nudity is finding my baby in the crib with no clothes, no socks, no diaper. And I still don’t know why she did this instead of taking a nap

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