you mean if I put it down, it will just stay there? convenient!


To the Michelle Duggar’s of the world, I say kudos.  I have been pregnant or nursing since late 2010.  I did manage to wean my children for about… one week before getting pregnant again.  So, to be fair, there has been a 2 week break in nursing over the past few years.  (Note to self:  You become very fertile after weaning, take proper precautions)  Still, while I am in the trenches, like many of you, I often forget what it was like to have a newborn, mostly because I was so tired and also crazy and for sure crazy tired.  Occasionally I see a newborn and I’m struck.  Here are are slew of disparate thoughts that come to me when coming into contact with newborn babies.

Night sweats.  Remember these?  They’re really gross, but exhilarating- I feel like it’s the physical manifestation of the crazy leaving my body.  I’m free!!

Newborn babies are small.  (compared to their siblings)

You can rub a baby’s cheek and if it tries to suckle your finger it’s hungry.  So much simpler than the complex routine put into place at dinner time to tempt the 3 year old.

I remember that time I heaved an ottoman across the room out of sheer exhaustion and rage- it wasn’t the baby.  That’s all that counts.

Babies need a lot of baths.  How will everyone get a bath?  I feel like I’m going to get the short end of the stick here.

The smell of Dreft.

The nerve of my friends not to post any new information for me to read in the Facebook app at 3 am.  Don’t they know this tiny iridescent light is the only thing keeping me awake??

Baby hats.

What thoughts do you have when you wax poetic on newborns?  Leave a comment.  Or don’t.   This isn’t Stalin’s Russia.  You can do whatever you want.


6 thoughts on “newbornz.

  1. sometimes, if you are lucky, they will sleep in their car seat if you are out, or if you need to get out;) they sleep a lot (sometimes) those first few months (during the day).

  2. They’re soft and beautiful (mine were the most beautiful babies God ever made) and you fall in love with them like no other human being on the planet. And yes, you do have enough love for each one. God is very loving that way with moms.

  3. I forgot that the days pass so quickly because you’sitting down nursing so much. I forgot how it feels to eat your meals in two minutes or less because you might not get another.chance for a few hours. I forgot how long you can go.without taking a shower before you really start to stink. I forgot how much your nipples hurt those first few weeks of nursing. I forgot how they capture your heart the second you see them. I forgot how good they smell. I forgot about all thr sweet noises they make.

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