blurred lines.

For those of you who may be new here- wow, my third trimester grammar sure does get dicey.  This blog is nominated for a Pulitzer, just so you know, you snobs.  I’ll give you a heads up as to which words give me the most trouble during the brain decay that is 8 months pregnant.  That way you know to blame the baby and not the public school system.  The following is an incomplete list because sometimes I don’t even struggle, I simply type the wrong word only realize upon proofreading and without total conviction that I may have typed the wrong word.  “That word is… wrong?”

Then/than:  I never wonder about this word when I smart brain.  When I dumb brain I really don’t know.

Your/You’re:  My hand types what it will, my brain rarely catches on.

Possessive nouns:  I’ll just stick an apostrophe in there just in case.  Right girl’s?  hahahahaha.

Capitalization:  Should I use a capital letter in here?  No?  I’ll do it anyway.

Now you know.  The struggle is real.  This is a season of dumb in my life.  But I AM growing a human, and that makes me so legit I can’t even possibly quit.



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