if old testament patriarchs ran for political office.

Sometimes when perfectly beautiful women are telling me their deep spiritual thoughts on scripture, just sometimes, not all the time, my mind wanders to another place.  Somewhere and somehow we (or maybe it’s just me) got the idea that the Old Testament patriarchs were heroes and noble and without wrong.  Then, reading their stories again helped put that into perspective to me.  God uses the weak things of the world to his glory.  But what if Abraham decided to run for political office, or Saul and they had to sit down with one of those vetting guys like on House of Cards?  What would come out?  Here’s what I think would happen if OT patriarchs ran for political office:

It bears saying Boaz is the most legit candidate ever.  He would win and his bumper stickers would say “Kinsman Redeemer 2016.”  Srsly.


There’s David.  He’s got the grassroots votes because of his working class background.  “I think shepherding the flocks prepared me to shepard Jerusalem”  Pause for applause.  Then of course the war hero thing.  “I’m going to take on lobbying by big corporations!  Because I can!  #goliath”  And then this headline:  David in sexting and murder scandal with soldier’s wife.  Bummer.

Maybe Abraham.  He’s got a ringing endorsement from God.  That’s pretty good.  He’s a fine leader, has a lot of livestock.  But then “Child abuse allegations continue to follow Abraham.

Oh gosh, not Saul.  Never Saul.  Sure he was good looking, but “Saul hires hit man…again”  Yeesh, he’s out.

Okay, there’s always Solomon.  “Solomon’s book of proverbs on New York Times bestseller list”  Page 6 writes “Solomon gets ANOTHER wife??”  TLC announces a new show called Solomon’s Sister Wives.  Trending on Twitter Was Ecclesiastes written by Solomon, or a sad hipster in Brooklyn?  #amirite

The truth is God didn’t wait for someone to have it all together before he felt safe enough to entrust them with his plan.  Nope.  He already knew what was going to happen and wove himself into each of their stories.  And what a happy thought that is, that God chooses us even in our weakness and sin.

David also speaks of the blessing of the one to whom God counts righteousness apart from works: “Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered; blessed is the man against whom the Lord will not count his sin.” (Romans 4:6-8 ESV)


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