There is a certain pressure that comes from trying to be funny on the internet.  First off, it’s pretty faux pas to even mention that you may be funny.  Frankly, I don’t think I’m funny, but I am glad that some other people occasionally tolerate me and my blog.  Then, there is the trying to convey sarcasm in my writings.  We can assume that I am always being sarcastic without making an ass of u or me.  Except when I’m not.  If I ever feel tempted to be serious this can be extra challenging.  I don’t need “Sarcasm font,”  I need “Sincere font.”  Example:  I love my kids.  How did you read that?  See?  I need sincere font.  My biggest challenge is writing a bio statement.  I want to be one of those quaint or beautiful souls who says stuff like “lover of coffee, of Jesus, and of sharpies.”  Mine would say “I love Jesus and I won ‘most likely to tell a fart joke to a visiting dignitary’ in high school.”  It just doesn’t gel the same right??  And finally, it hurts to admit this, but I used to think that I was a special snowflake.  Turns out there are a ton of other moms doing what I do on the daily.  (That is to say, blogging) But that’s okay.  I’ve found my people.

4 thoughts on “funny??

  1. I’m afraid once you are declared “funny,” there’s terrible pressure to always be funny. Is that just my imagination?

    I was voted “Wittiest” in high school, but no one believes me so there may have been some ballot box stuffing.

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