Vanity Plates.

Okay, you know I’ve posted about how many vanity plates there are in Virginia.  It’s ludicrous!  (wanted to spell: ludacris)  I had to become a little more discerning in frantically saving vanity plates into the notes app on my phone.  I hope that I have culled the creme de la creme of r.i. diculous.  I’m going to add, in some instances patronizing, commentary just to make sure you understand any of the more dubious concoctions.

Ur hynis (your highness)

Luvrmom (you love your mom.  lover mom.  two entirely different connotations)

Mmm choc (#word)


Paleez (like please, but with an attitude)

PB jelly (#classic.  Iiiiit’s peanut buttah jelly time, peanut buttah jelly time!)

Phat girl (own it girl!)


2 gr8 kdz (hoping there aren’t 3 car seats in the car)

Vry Cute (there are a lot of sublimely confident people in Norfolk)


Clown shu  (I don’t get it.  I mean, I get it… but I don’t get it)


2 thoughts on “Vanity Plates.

  1. I saw the plate “SWO WYF” today and realized that I had met my match when it comes to Navy Wife Enthusiasm. P.S. I love your blog, and hope that commenting makes you feel the love.

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