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I know some of us suffer from BRF- or b#tchy resting face.  But I’m currently suffering from something much worse.  It’s pregnant dead face.  I accidentally dropped a jar of salsa in the grocery store and literally froze.  Because I’m dead tired.  I couldn’t apologize.  I could do nothing but stare blankly at the jar of salsa.  Numerous people asked if I was okay.  “Yup” I responded.  No witticisms.  No groveling.  No nothing.  Blank.  Like Kim Kardashian blank.  There’s nothing left inside my brain head.  Nothing but lamentations on the benefits of sleep.

I should just wear a t-shirt that says “I’m a bad planner so all of my children are 20 months apart”  or “Help” or “I Can’t Even”  or “If found please return to husband at earliest convenience”  or “Is this real life?  I feel dead”


2 thoughts on “PDF.

  1. Your post on Scary Mommy was evidence you’re definitely NOT brain dead. Well done. You’ve gotten a follower out of me!

    You have my empathy/sympathy though.

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