toddler tuesday potty troubles.

Today I am still calling this blog post “Toddler Tuesday” but at the rate Maisy Jo is going we will soon be firmly entrenched in “Tantrum Tuesday” once again.  Little Miss is usually easy going, soft spoken, and sweet.  Then as soon as you cross her she becomes honey badger baby and does what she wants.  She’s going to give me a run for my money.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Please let me be wrong.

Now that Owen is potty trained he gets to go to the potty by himself.  Sometimes he does what he is supposed to do- his proverbial ‘business’ if you will.  Other times he gets distracted.  He finds the nail clippers, sits in the sink, turns on the sink, gives his feet a bath in the sink, washes his hands in the toilet bowl, and my personal favorite, filling the toilet to the brim with toilet paper.  We’re having a hard time distinguishing between an appropriate and inappropriate amount of toilet paper to wipe a butt.

Toilet full.  Full to the brim of TP.

“Owen, that is naughty.  Do not fill the toilet with toilet paper.”

“I wipe my butt.”

“Right, but that’s too much.”

“I hadda wipe my butt”

Makes sense.


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